Hi, I am Laura!


I started developing websites around 1996 when I maintained my very first website onGeocities. My excitement for web technologies hasn't changed since the early years and I am a fullstack developer now.


I have a degree in computer science and then worked as a research assistant in computer science education. I wrote my Ph.D. thesis about misconceptions in computer science.

Other things

I am a speedcuber and the WCA Senior Delegate for Western Europe. I am also an Aquascaper and I enjoy playing video games.
By the way, this website was built with Gatsby.js, which is a static site generator for React.

My Techstack


  • JavaScript
  • Elm
  • R
  • HTML5
  • SCSS

Frameworks and Libraries

  • React/Redux, Gatsby, Vue
  • d3
  • Express


  • Git
  • R
  • SQL